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  Hey there, everyone... or everyone who actually reads this community anymore.

Like my LJ says numerous times over:
My name is Loren.  I'm soon starting my senior year in high school, and I'm applying to the American University of Beirut (or WILL be as soon as they get their new applications up...).  It's been my dream to go there since I was thirteen.

My family lived in Beirut for 25 years, before they were forced to leave the country....  My father grew up there, my uncles grew up there, my grandmother still cooks Lebanese food and my grandparents still speak to each other in Arabic sometimes.  Even though I've never lived in Lebanon myself, I love it, as everyone does, and I do want to experience living there for myself.

I've made this journal specifically to chronicle my process of getting to Lebanon, and afterwards, living there, inshalla.

Please add me, if you like.
Allah ma3koun.

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 Hello to everyone..

My name's Megan and it's nice to see a community about Lebanon.. My father is from Beirut and being Lebanese is one of the most important things to me so this is nice to see for a change.. I just started using LJ and was interested in making some Lebanese friends :)

btw any 3arabi speakers? :)

Emo in Lebanon?

hi guys & girls.
i am a PhD student doing research on music scenes, particularly emo + indie rock. i was wondering if any of you knows about the scene in Beirut. is there an audience for emo/indie music there? are people listening to this stuff? if not, what sorts of music are most popular?
i'd really appreciate your help on this. i've been searching the net but not a lot has been coming up.
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When you hear of the next Holocaust will you leave?
When you hear of the next Holocaust will you leave? magnify

Americans are comfortable. The homes, the cars, the materials, and the money. This material wealth and the propaganda on the television has made the citizens of this country complacent and ignorant to the world around them.

As long as nobody is committing crimes against you, what do you care if a human being from another country is being tortured or murdered? We are watching a fascism state arise and from someone in the know it has already risen, and now it is almost too late for reaction.

Whistle blowers who are exposing the crimes of the United States government are being tortured. Myspace Darren Gelbard, youtube Monarch Katherine Moore, and DIA Topoff, to see video, testimonials, and evidence of U.S. citizens being tortured. If you are one that is prone to disbelief, youtube ADS weapons, CNN, and 60 minutes to watch people being hit by a ray beam by an operator from a distance.

These weapons are lethal, they are in mass use, and they are being used against the population of this country already. Why don't you hear about these victims on the news? The government has infiltrated the news and as any victim can attest to, these weapons manipulate the behavior of people. In other words, a victim goes to law enforcement and law enforcement is on the same weapon without their knowledge and they obstruct justice. The victims complain to family members only for them to behave the same as law enforcement. Congress and the Supreme Court are a macrocosm of this behavior. What happens to Whistle blowers are a microcosm.

V2K is a voice to skull device that induces microwave hearing. Psychotronics are a form of augmented cognition. When you are a whistle blower you are a PAS. A populated augmented segment. And the government of the United States is torturing the children of Whistle blowers. See Monarch Whistle blower for video evidence.

The first reaction to this information is disbelief. People forget. There have always been people throughout history that have tortured and murdered innocents. What this administration is doing is making what they have always done legal. 935 lies, Guantanamo Bay, Darren Gelbard, and many CIA black sites later... are you going to examine the evidence? This government uses terrorism events and fear to achieve their goals. One day everything is fine, then they do an event, and your rights are gone and it is too late. Remember how you felt on September 10, 2001?

Hi everyone

So glad to have found a lebanese community on here. Ive been away for a year, and I miss lebanon more and more everyday. I moved here to the US during the summer war in 06, and havent been back yet. Excited about this community and I hope to regain memories through talks with you guys.

Adios for now....